Painting Rims

futureteg Aug 8, 2007 Cars
So you are tired of the look of your stock rims? Want to make them more unique? You can save some money by just painting your rims a new color

Before we begin, lets look at what kind of supplies you'll need  


  • 2 cans of Duplicolor High performance wheel coating paint(white, bronze, black, silver, graphite) etc
  • 1 can of Duplicolor Wheel clear coat
  • Scouring Pad
  • Newspaper
  • Index Cards

For this tutorial I was changing my wheels from white to silver

  • wash each wheel
  • If you want to keep the polished lip look, mask off the lip with blue painters tape
  • if you want to keep rivets the original color, mask them off as can use some round stickers that you can find at any store
  • use the scouring pad to go up and down the wheels to help with sticking, run water over the wheel as you do it to help with the process
  • use index pads to mask off the tires or trashbags with tape
  • Start painting....use light coats and give about 15 mins between each coat
  • DO NOT use the full can...because at about 10% you'll start getting splatter effect and it'll look like crap
  • After you finish with can use the clear coat to give it some shine....AND to give it some shine
  • Final Product:
  • And here is what the wheels looked like 2 years later when I sold them.  As you can see the paint held up fairly well...thats why you gotta use that clear'll keep your wheels looking their best
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Black cobra rims on Nov 13, 2011
Please help me to repaint my cv8 rims 2 of the rims have some gutter rush and scratch what the best way to repaint the rims any help I'm appreciate thank you much for your help god bless Australia
Matt on Jul 13, 2008
Just what I was looking for.