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In this tutorial you will learn all of the ways it takes to become a successful medic in the game, Battlefield 2.


    So you want to be the best medic that you can be. Makes sense. Some of the best players in BF2 are medics because they understand the advantages of being a Medic. They can get a lot of points from kills, because the medic's weapons are pretty powerful (esp. the upgrades) and most importantly they can earn points by healing and reviving people. They also help their team out immensly by reviving because they stop extra tickets from being lost. Playing as a medic has a huge potential for a ton of points.


The Equipment:

    1. Knife - Can use for being sneaky, is the same as every other knife in the game. Nothing too exciting.

    2. Pistol - All the different models of pistols you can have as a medic really all just do the same thing, not one of them is superior to the other.

    3. Rifle - The most used weapon of any soldier. There is no exception with this to the medic. Unlike the pistol, the rifles are surperior or worse to each other depending on which "force" you are playing as and what upgrades you have. More details on this will be in a later section.

    4. Hand Grenade - Most beginners don't use hand grenades nearly enough. They are an extremly effective weapon, especially when thrown in hallways and tight areas. Just make sure that if friendly fire is on you don't go around blowing up your teammates.

    5. Medic Bag - You use this to heal your teammates. You can also throw them on the ground for you or your teammates to pick up for faster healing.

    6. Defibrillator -  You use this to revive your teammates after they have been killed. This actually requires some skill to use effectively. More details on this later.


The Different Rifles:

    1. M16A2 (US Marine Corps) - 3-shot burst/semi-auto. I don't particulary like this gun. It isn't a bad starter gun, but it really needs the full-auto as it isn't all that powerful. It is pretty accurate though and the semi-auto mode is excellent for picking off foes from a medium distance.

    2. AK101 (Middle Eastern Coalition) - full-auto/semi-auto. This is my favorite starter medic gun. The full-auto mode is amazing for close fire fights and this gun is more powerful than the M16A2. It isn't quite as accurate as the M16, but it it still accurate enough to be able to pick off enemies from a distance (just not too far).

    3. AK-47 (People's Liberation Army) - Same as the AK101.

    4. L85A1 (Upgrade 1) - full-auto/semi-auto. Is exactly what the M16A2 isn't. It is even higher accuracy wise, and it spots the full-auto mode which the M16A2 desperatly needs. Once you unlock this gun I wouldn't recommend using any of the starter guns, they just don't compete with it.

    5. G36E (Upgrade 2) - 3-shot burst/semi-auto. I love this gun, even though it is burst. It is powerful enough so that the burst works fine with it. Incredibly accuracy and is excellent for long distances.



    1. Join a squad! This is extremely important as when you are in a squad you are much more effective as a medic. You are always around teammates so you always have people to heal/revive and in case you need to rush out into the battlefield to revive someone/shoot someone, your teammates will be able to provide covering fire and help protect you. MEDICS ARE MOST EFFECTIVE IN SQUADS.

      2. Where to aim with the defibrillator? You want to aim near the heart/chest. I also noticed that aiming at the shoulders and the ribs/side works equally as well. This is something that you will get better at with practice. Also, dive onto the ground when reviving someone as you are less likely to get shot and you have a better chance of a successful revive.

      3. Use Medic Packs a lot. If you have spare medic packs, just throw them wherever you are or by a group of soldiers. The more medic packs you have laying on the ground, the more likely it is that your teammates will stumple across them while in need. Also, make sure you don't put them in obscure locations becasue they are just useless then.



You've learned how to be a succesful medic and of course there is other strategies and tips you will learn on your own, so make sure you apply what works for you. Some techniques work on certain maps and don't work on others, so just use your head and practice, practice, practice! 

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TeeRex on Jul 1, 2011
Thank you for the information. Everyone needs to start somewhere. ppppp, you are the true dumbass.
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like people didn't already know that, dumbass
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