Potty training in one day

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Get the dirty work over in a day to a week.

Throwing a potty party is an excellent way to jump start potty training.

What you need:

Patience, a toddler who is ready, lots of party supplies, lots of drinks and snacks, lots of books on potty training, and lots of potty training videos

Signs of readiness:

Dry diaper after nap and/or overnight, interest in the toilet, ability to dress at least partially, knowledge of when he/she is going potty or having a bm


Choose a theme that your child will love (i.e. favorite tv show or toy)

Buy/make decorations (go all out)

Variety of drinks and snacks for the big day

Books on potty training (check your library)

Videos/dvds on potty training (check your library) (i.e. Potty Time With Bear)

Lots of underwear (choose character ones and anything your toddler will love)

Pull-ups (if you want him/her to have them overnight)

Stickers and charts, prizes

Stepping stools

Party day:

Make sure you have your toddler to yourself! Be overly excited. Tell him/her that it is a special day just for him/her. Open presents. Play games. Watch potty movies and read potty books. In between each activity have a drink and a snack. Dance. Sing. Do anything that will excite your toddler.

After introducing the party, give your child a present--underwear. Make it a big deal that he/she is now a big boy/girl.

Practice going in to use the toilet even if nothing happens. Go to the bathroom and practice every 30 min. Every time you go into the bathroom whether it's successful or not, put a sticker on the chart. When there's success, call someone to make it a big deal. Do high-fives. Do a victory dance. Get a prize. Have another snack and drink. Keep this up all day. At the end of the day throw a party and invite some family over to celebrate your big boy/girl.

If you'd like to you can have your toddler wear pull-ups at night as "just in case" underwear.

Only try this method if you are willing to stick with it. No more diapers--ever. If an accident happens, you must stay calm. Program yourself to say, oh well, accidents happen. Be loving and supportive in this big step of your child's life. It will pay off!

Tip: for easier nights, buy 2 mattress protectors and 2 sets of sheets--layer: one mattress protector and set of sheets, then other mattress protector and set of sheets. Then if there is an accident in the middle of the night you just pull off the top set, change clothes and go back to bed.

 Good luck!

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