Squid fishing 101: basics for beginners

salamond Feb 7, 2009 Sports
If you are looking to get into this interesting field of fishing, this tutorial will teach you how.

I have been squidfishing many times where I live, on the hoodcanal of Washington.  It is a wonderful activity, and when done right can be an activity for the whole family.

But is this for you?

Maybe, maybe not.  The first thing any beginner should look at is, whether or not squid are in the area.  Obviously, you cannot catch squid if they aren't there!  They come in schools, and are migratory by nature, so check to see when they are in.

What you need is:

  • A standard fishing pole
  • squid jigs (these can be bought at most hunting and fishing stores, and walmart has been known to carry them also.  Bring a few, because snagging does happen)
  • A strong lightsource (this is to attract the fish, which are what the migrating squid feed on)
  • A bucket

Check local forums for ideal docks to fish off.  Some are lit specifically for night squiding and fishing.  Also, take tide into consideration.

tie your lure to your line, and drop into the water.  let the lure sink but do not touch the bottom, as the lures snag easy.  Once you are at a desired depth, click the reel over, and simply pull the rod up quickly, and let it drift back down again.  Pull it up, let it drift.

This mimics the propulsion (and movement) of a squid, but don't worry about doing it wrong... the squid aren't too picky.

When you hook a squid, it will fight much like any other fish.  Simply apply constant, forceful upward pressure as you reel it in.  Pull the squid out of the water, and place it in a bucket full of water. (Its a good idea to let the squid 'ink themselves out' before killing them)

Many cookbooks and websites provide instructions on how to gut, clean, and prepare the squid.

With this basic 101 and a bit of research, I hope you feel thoroughly prepared to angle for squid.

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