The Guide Of Making Money in Runescape

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The first part of a Runescape guide that will show you some easy ways to make money.
To Make Money you Need Money

Plain and simple, just as it states! This is a simple rule in Runescape, before you can make BIG money you have to have some to start off with. Think of it as in real life; Do you think that Bill Gates woke up one morning with 5 million dollars in his bank account? NO, he started small and gradu- ally made it BIG.

There are a few easy ways to earn your first 50,000 to 100,000 gp. After you have earned this starting cash we will then show you the secrets of get- ting rich. But first things first: The first, easiest, and most common way is to kill chickens.

Members use feathers all the time for making arrows to raise their range or fletching levels. Simple enough right? Kill the chickens and collect the feathers. The chickens will drop between 5-15 feathers when they are killed. (If you are interested in raising your range or combat levels please refer to the combat/range/mage guides.

Listed below are the prices that people are currently buying for:

* Free Worlds: 6-9gp each.
* Members Worlds: 11-15gp each.

I know this may not sound like alot of money, but you have to think BIG. To make money with anything you have to sell in bulk amounts If you are F2P (free to play player), then you should always try to sell in World 1, if World 1 is full then log into the next busiest world, and so on.

More Ways to Get Your Starting GP

Luckily collecting feathers is not your only option! (Trust me, I know how boring this can get!) Another option you may consider, is to mine Rune Essence. In order to be able to mine Essence you will need to complete the Rune Mystery Quest first.

You can start this quest by talking to the King in Lumbridge castle. After you have completed the quest you will be able to teleport to the Rune Essence Mines. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Varrock Rune Shop south of the west bank. Here you can right click or talk to Aubury. He will then teleport you to the mines.

Once you have mined an inventory full of Rune Essence travel back to the bank. Repeat this until you have 1k or more Rune Essence.

Members Options

If you are a member you have a slight advantage. Members can make an easy 50k to 100k per hour at a lvl 3!! To achieve this all you need is a knife and an axe. You will be making arrow shafts.

All you need to do now is empty your inventory, keeping an axe and a knife only. Then just go start cutting down trees (normal trees only!). When you get a full load of wood then use your knife with a log. On the screen that pops up, right click on the arrow shafts, and select "Make X", then just enter the number of logs that you have.

That would conclude this chapter of my Runescape Money Guide. Be sure to read the other chapters for good info!

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