The Guide Of Making Money in Runescape Chapter 2

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The second part of a Runescape guide that will show you some easy ways to make money.

Now that you have earned 50-100k you are well on your way to making your first million!! This chapter will primarily focus on easy ways to make your money grow. Remember what I said earlier "It takes money to make money." If you have not followed some of the ideas in Chapter 1, it is a must that you do so!

What is Bulk??

When trying to make money you always need to deal with bulk items.Bulk is simply a lot of items...generally over 1,000 of one item or more. So 5k feathers would be considered bulk. This goes for any item in the game.

When dealing with non-stack- able items such as ore or fish, you will always want to deal with bank notes. Without a bank note you could only carry 26 pieces of coal in your inventory. When you withdraw the coal in a note, you can carry for exam- ple 5k coal, and it will only take up one spot in your inventory bag.

If you notice an item is constantly being sold, but nobody is buying it, then there is a low demand for the item.On the other hand, if you notice people standing around the bank, screaming, ?Buying XXX,? and nobody is selling it, then you will learn that this item is in high demand.

Now it's important to realize that this is just the general idea of how supply and demand work. You obviously wouldn'?t want to go by 3k of an item just because one person is looking for it (unless that one person is buying 3k of that item;)

You need to observe these trends to see how often people are asking to buy them, and how often people are selling them.

There are however a few items that have remained constant for at least 2 years in Runescape:

  • Lobster.
  • Coal.
  • Iron ore.
  • Feathers.
  • Herbs.

Iron Ore

I often use this same process and principles with Iron ore. I will travel to different worlds and buy as much Iron ore as I possibly can. I will only buy for 50-70 gp each, occasionally I will purchase for higher prices if the seller has a large amount (3k or more).

I generally offer to buy for 50 gp each. If the seller wants more than 60 gp I will simply refuse to buy it, and will log out of the world and into a new one. (Trust me there are plenty of sellers out there, lol). In world 1 you can always sell Iron ore for 100gp each. I normally try to buy ore in the Fallador bank, simply because this town is centralized with miners since the bank is so close to the mining guild and the mines southwest of Fally.

Cooked Lobsters

Cooked Lobsters currently are selling anywhere from 200-250gp each. Generally though you can find sellers that will sell Lobbies (Lobsters) for 125-150 each. These are the sellers you are looking for. One of the best ways to find a cheap lobby seller is to travel to Karamja (or Catherby if you are a member) and go the the fishing docks located there. You should sell all at the highest prices and buy a little higher than the lowest price.

NOTE: With the new update they have limited the non-quest players with 3k profit limit, but players who have done quest have that limit lifted and will still be able to benefit from this guide.

That would conclude Chapter 2. Hope to see you in the next chapter!

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