The Lazy Person's Guide ~ How to Make Easy, Legal Money

annie Apr 30, 2008 Finance
A comprehensive list of 10 easy ways that simply everyone can make money legally. No special skills required, and no outlays. Just turn the assets you already have into active earning sources. None of these are second jobs.

The Lazy Person's Guide ~ How to Make Easy, Legal Money.

  1. Rent a room in your house.

Of course if your earnings are over the taxable limit, you could be taxed on rent as an income. But hey, if your earning was over the taxable income, you probably wouldn't have the need to make extra money in the first place. Make sure that the room you're renting is homely, secure and well decorated. Your home should also be conducive to accommodate someone comfortably, remember that what you're offering is not just a room, but a home to someone. Renting a room in your house is an easy way to making money, and if you pick the right person, (someone who works long hours, or travels a lot) you may hardly ever see them. This way, you could have the cost of your steadily rising mortgage cut by half.

2. Rent your garage as a lock-up storage.

You will obviously have to make sure that it's leak proof and secure, but renting your garage as a lock-up storage will be very useful to someone without the space, who has say a vintage car he/she wants to keep protected. It could also be used as a storage space for people who are in between residences and can't afford the high rental of storage units. Of course items have to be checked on a regular basis, especially if they're likely to be susceptible to cold etc., but the extra cash is worth it.

3. Car ads.

You are required to join up, and many times, depending on where you live, pay a flat joining fee. But essentially, you get paid to allow companies to advertise on your car. You can choose between a car wrap (the whole car) or an ad in the window, or on the side of the car. You are still responsible for your own insurance and petrol, but you can earn a decent wage from car ads, especially if you have a great looking car (with a fabulously high repayment rate). If you do not want to use your own car, you can choose to drive their car (essentially get a free car) again, you are responsible for petrol and insurance.

You wouldn't be asked to change your driving habits, you get paid for driving to your usual places, with the company logos on your car. This extra money would more than pay for your annual car related expenses, with a little shopping on top.

4. Rent your drive (driveway).

If you live in the city centre or near office buildings, where parking for workers is difficult and expensive, you could rent out your driveway to someone. If you're away at work, you'd have your car with you anyway, but if you're at home, and do not have a garage or a drive which is large enough for two cars, perhaps you could make use of the street parking (if you park there late at night, you'd be likely to have reserved your parking place). Many areas have special residence' parking in the street. Make use of this while your driveway is making you extra cash.

Renting your drive/driveway is a good idea because it will be cheaper and very convenient to someone who wishes to have his/her car parked near to where he/she works, at a place that is private, safe, and cheaper than public car parks.

5. Have foreign students stay with you.

There are several language schools in every city. The vast majority of their students are foreign ones who're learning English. Naturally, these students (mostly teens) need a place in which to stay. Sign up with these schools as a host family. You will most likely be police checked to make sure you're suitable to play such a role, and your home would have to be comfortable to entertain the students. But this could be a very rewarding and profitable thing to do. You do not have to leave your home, just be your charming hospitable self, and get paid for it as well.

6. Rent ad space on your blog.

Now this may not be very lucrative, but if you write about cars, banks, or casinos, you could probably make quite a tip, since you could reasonably have bank, car or casino ads (ĎAdsense') published on your blog. Make sure you read all the fine print before you sign anything though.

7. Sell land

If you have a large garden which has become too big for you to manage, why not sell a part of it to a developer. Builders and developers are always looking for new spaces to build on. Make sure you know what you're getting into, and consider that some of the light in the rest of your garden may be blocked by a new building (you'll still have a say when the planning permission is made, nevertheless consider everything before you make the move). Land, especially near or in city centres are a very scarce commodity, thus, a good-sized profit could be made by selling, if it's no longer useful to you.

8. Contests

Work out what your speciality is and improve on it. There are hundreds of contests out there, about several different topics. Many of them offer a substantial amount of money as their cash prize, and quite a few of them allow the player to take home whatever they've won, even if they don't make it to the grand prize.

Of course the process of application may cost money, but if you actually get on the contests (TV game shows), you would certainly cover your initial outlay.

If you're a writer, there are competitions made precisely for you, there are literally hundreds of writing contests, which offer cash for their top prizes.

9. Magazines and newspapers.

Magazines and newspapers on a weekly/daily/monthly basis, advertise for letters. Most of them now accept letters by e-mail, so supplying them with material would cost you nothing extra. You could ask friends and relatives for their old magazines and papers, to give yourself the opportunity to gauge what kind of letters are actually published. Also ask your dentist, and GP to borrow theirs, (or just read them and make notes while you're there).

Once you've done your research, you can begin to write letters. Some magazines offer as much as £100.00 for the star letter. Some of them ask for pictures of your holidays etc, and pay an attractive amount if they use them. Doing just a bit of research can top up your earnings by a significant amount of tax-free cash, each month.

10. The little others

Car boot sales, e-bay, and second hand shops always come in handy if you want to make some extra cash. Though the amounts are little, there are hardly many other ways to make money from your cast offs, things you would normally bin.

Taking part in government surveys sometimes can bring extra cash, and don't forget, you can write anything about which you've got a lot of knowledge, and make money by publishing on the internet. Do your research and go for the sites which offer a fair amount for your work.

Do not, repeat, do not try to make money from e-mails sent to you offering loans and lottery wins. These are scams and you will never see your money again!

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Dee Huff on May 3, 2008
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This is a great tutorial. Lots of good practical ideas that could easily be put into practice.