The ultimate pizza crust and recipe!!

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did you ever wonder how resturants make the perfect pizza?? well im gona let you in on a little secret you never knew.

Have you ever wondered how to creat the ultimate tasty proper pizza , that you and your familly will love!!

well i did the research and i experimented with alot of crusts and styles for making the perfect pizza until i came across this one by luck, i first started by adding 

-1 3/4 white flour OR -brown , if your on a diet, remember that the white one tastest much better .

- 1 small teaspoon of yeast.

-3/4 hot water for the think crust and 3/4 cold water for a thicker one.

-1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar.

mix all the ingredients together untill you get a proper thick mixture. then cover the bowl for like 4-5mins and let it rest, the get a fairly meduim sized pizza pan, and put some virgin olive oil, the better the quality of the oil, the better the pizza tase, put the oil until all the pan is covered, dont fill it up ofcourse, just a sprinkle.

then spread the pizza all over tha pan, and leave alot of  crust for the sides,and roll it over until it becomes fairly bigger than the middle .

the final part is to sprinkle some oregano on the sides and all over the pizza  but not too much just around 2 teaspoons should cover it .

and thats about it, you can add your own choise of toppings, i prefer some simple stuff like ketchup instead of a tomato paste, and some cut chicken all over the place, and extra oregano, olives and add loads of cheese.

now the trick is here, the more flour you add the more crusty the pizza, but be carefull add too much and itl be a failure, youl learn that the simplest is the best. you can sprinkle some yellow cheese on the side crusts .

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