Unofficial F2p Runescape Melee Guide

ttop191 May 5, 2008 Internet
This guide is set up for the soul purpose to help out those in need of basic training in Runescape F2p meleing
Ttop191's Melee Combat Guide
First off so no one wastes their time, this is a free to play or (F2p) guide. This in NO way is linked to having membership in Runescape. This guide is also a melee only guide, it is of no use to magic users or archers of Runescape.

Attack Levels 1-8:
    Ok now that you are off that island its time to head north. Go across the bridge you are next to and follow the gray road north. Eventually you will come to a split in the road. For now take the right path to avoid being killed by level 7 wizards. Follow this path on the right north for a short distance, and u will find your self just East Varrok. Enter the city and stop at the bank that will be on the south side of the road (you will see $ on your map). Deposit all your items except for your shield and sword, then go to the building directly across the street. Be sure to equip your sword and shield, and attack the dummy by clicking on it (note: this will only train your attack skill u can not train strength or defense on these dummies). Attack the dummy until it says in your chat box that you can not learn anymore (this should happen at level 8 attack).

Strength Levels 1-20:
    Now travel east past the fountain and past the other bank at the west side of Varrok until you cross a wooden bridge. North of the bridge there are 2 fishing spots. Go north until you see a bank (note:there is no path). At the bank take out your bread and shrimp so u have some food. Switch to your desired combat mode in the crossed swords menu (I recommend strength). Go in side the building directly to the north of the bank(the one filled with level 3 men). Open the doors, walk in and be sure to close the doors behind you, this will keep men from escaping. Stay here and continue to kill men as long as you can with out dieing. Be sure that while you are there your pick up the bones of the dead men, but do not bury them (you will need these later to buy better weapons and armor). When you collect as many bones as you can bank them along with your coins, and head back south to the 2 fishing spots by the bridge. Quickly log into a popular world and ask for cooked fish. If you are in world 1 this should take about 5 minutes. Log back into a non-busy world and continue your training. At the building with the men. Only bring some of the food with you because it will last a long time, and continue to collect bones. Continue to train strength until u either get 20, or run out of food.

Attack Levels 8-20:
    Bank your bones and go back into west Varrok. Go north to the Grand Exchange, and talk to the G.E. Tutor. After your talk go north and talk to a bank who is dressed in gray, and ask to access your account, and pull out the bones in note form by clicking the note button in the bottom right corner of the bank window. Once you have completed this go talk to the G.E. Clerk who is dressed in blue, and say access the exchange. Click the orange sell arrow, click on your bones, and then click confirm offer. Your bones should sell instantly, if they don't wait a little while for them to. Now that you have your money click the green buy button, and type in "scim". When you find the option mithril scimitar, click on it and hit confirm offer. Now that you have a good weapon, go back to world 1, get more food like before, and train your attack level to 20. Now you can wield mithril weapons.

Defense Levels 1-20:
    After you get your attack to 20, train your defense to 20 also if you run out of food you can just go back to the fishing spot in world 1. after you have trained both skills to 20 you should have enough bones and coins to be able to buy full mithril armor. Go back to the G.E. And sell your bones, and when you buy type in "mithril a". Choose the option "Mithril armor set (l)" and confirm offer. Now that you've got your self a descent weapon and descent armor you can train on higher level NPC's.

All levels to 40:
    Now with food you can attack guards. This can be done right in front of either Varrok bank. Train here with food until you get attack strength and defense to 40.

Levels 40-70:
    Now you will be able to wield and wear rune items. If you find that you are low on cash spend about an hour collecting bones in edgeville where the level 3 men are. Stock up on lots of food and go east of the Varrok palace in the sewers. Follow the maze of passageways until you find some level 34 deadly red spiders. My experience has proven that deadly red spiders are the fastest way for mid-level players to gain combat xp.

Levels 70-99:
    Now that you have combat skills above 70 you are basically master of the F2p world. The best xp at this point would be to kill lesser demons in Karamja, or cockroach soldiers in the Stronghold of Player Saftey.

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Zack on Dec 12, 2011
Good tutorial thanks
purple777 on Aug 20, 2011
omg u lot are so pathetic zezima can suck my dick and rest can suck my arse
the best on Aug 14, 2011
lesser demons are like 90 or 100k xp an hour at lvl 85 str.
alksj on Sep 21, 2011
Bullshit, try 30k at best.
Zezima on Jun 11, 2011
look the Forums are the best guys
zezima on May 28, 2011
Use the Forum's for best training exp on runescape..
Killling on May 11, 2011
Its almost impossible with 99 strength to get 60k xp an hour in f2p. So don't talk about more xp an hours only if you have proof like vid on youtube.
green098 on Feb 27, 2011
Brothers,apply your own minds, don't follow other guides,that was why i was successful in the game .
stupid on Feb 25, 2011
this guide absolutley sucks!!
hardtobelives on Jan 4, 2010
its hard to belives lvl combat has to fight a lvl 83
lukesta on Oct 19, 2009
for levels 40-6 0 you should probably train on moss giants
runescape on Jul 30, 2009 For runescape game Details
ownage on Jun 27, 2009
Are you kidding me??Lesser and roaches are failed str exp .They onli good on their rune drops ...
noob on Jun 25, 2009
for levels 40-99 do NOT train on red spiders, lesser demons or any of the above said train on flesh crawlers you can get an amazing 100k xp at about 65 strength 65 attack and 65 defence
Greybear55 on Mar 14, 2009
For levels 70-99 I reccomend Flesh Crawlers, trust me, there the fastest xp then cockeroach, lessers, spiders, and faster then any monsters.Flesh crawlers gives 65-79k xp per hour, and they drop goods such as Gems (All types) and coins. They hit only 1's but you still need food.
hmm ok on Feb 22, 2009
its a gd guide i suppose then again my main account (lvl 78 one) got banned so i have 2 train my lvl 41 account. my stats are att=36 str=34 def=33 hp=34 i think so atm im trainin on lvl 28 fresh crawlers they give 100exp each and ive already lvled loads of times i say here is the place for lvls 40and over with about 34att 34def 34str hope i help with lvling