Yoga Nidra - How to do the Yogic Sleep Relaxing Method.

Pichukasa Jan 3, 2012 Health
Yoga Nidra is the ancient Indian Yogic method used by the great meditation experts and seekers of the truth, to relax themselves in just 10 to 45 minutes. This ancient method can also be used to improve concentration, reduce stress, and other general mental health.

The ancient Indians were quite desperate in their attempt to know the truth and hence they developed various method to achieve the same. One of the practices to develop concentration to know more about self is meditation and among the various methods of meditation, one is the method of YOGA NIDRA or the YOGIC SLEEP.

This method allows you to enter different levels of your mind and hence relaxation is the direct benefit as its outcome. It is like the power nap but better.

 The YOGA NIDRA METHOD follows like this:

1. Set the alarm for at least ten minutes.

2. Lie down like a corpse, let your body loose & eyes closed.

3. Tighten your body and muscles, and then let it loose.

4. Count and Visualyse from 1 to 100

5.  Pay attention to your body parts : Your head, face, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and other body parts in detail.

6. After this, think yourself as if you are radiating with health.

7. Now focus on breath, wherever you realize yourself thinking bring your attention back to your breath.

8. When the alarm rings, get up and continue to the world. 

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