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Old timer catfish bait

A lot of old timers use to make this bait and fish with it, they would catch their limit within an hours time or so the story goes, read on to learn the bait.
Views 1218 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date May 22, 2010

Bass Fishing with soft plastics

soft plastic lures can be deadly on bass, if your like me, you figured they would never work, well they do. Read on to learn how to nail huge bass from shore and from a boat!
Views 748 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date May 22, 2010

How to Create Make a Cut Capo for Alternate Guitar Tunings

This tutorial will show you how to cut out one of your normal capos and turn it into what I call a "cut capo", one that presses down a few string while leaving others open. It creates amazing sounds and is fun to play with.
Views 1339 | Rating 2 | Comments 1| Date Feb 7, 2009

How to build a lean-to

How to build a lean-to, a simple shelter for campers
Views 1045 | Rating -1 | Comments 0| Date Jan 27, 2009

How to make cool fluorescen ink which will glow under blacklight

This is a fun, cheap way to make some cool fluoroscent ink which will glow under black-light but remain almost invisible in normal conditions
Views 1145 | Rating 11 | Comments 0| Date Nov 11, 2008

The Secret Of Playing Poker

The Secrets of Playing Poker That you have never heard before unrevealed!
Views 813 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Jul 7, 2008

How to build a visco fuse machine

A step-by-step guide to building a visco fuse machine similar to the one I built at home. It can easily make a foot of visco fuse per minute and it is possible to make even more.
Views 5794 | Rating 260 | Comments 24| Date Jun 24, 2008

Maychi Guide

Myachi is a new innovation that combines the hacky sack and martial arts. You can also collect, trade, and jam with them.
Views 963 | Rating 1 | Comments 0| Date May 20, 2008

Using Picasa to Share Your Photographs

Google’s Picasa offers a number of ways to share photos, all of which are tightly integrated with other Google-owned products. This tutorial will walk you through sharing your photographs using Picasa.
Views 1194 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date Apr 27, 2008

Using Picasa to Solve Simple Photo Problems

This tutorial covers how to use Picasa to fix a few of the most common problems with digital photographs: red eye, color correction, contrast, leveling, and cropping. I'll also show you how to create a quick collage!
Views 1099 | Rating 3 | Comments 1| Date Apr 27, 2008

Google Picasa Basics

Google's Picasa program will help you organize, edit, and share your digital photographs -- and it's FREE! This tutorial walks you through the basics of importing and organizing pictures in Picasa. Look for my other Picasa-related tutorials.
Views 1741 | Rating 8 | Comments 0| Date Apr 27, 2008

Karaoke Etiquette for Beginners

Basic etiquette for karaoke.
Views 892 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Apr 24, 2008

Speak Spanish!

How To Speak Spanish: Some Frequently Used Words, Phrases, and Conversation in the Spanish Language
Views 1529 | Rating 3 | Comments 1| Date Mar 22, 2008

Assigning Oxidation Numbers to Chemical Formulae

This tutorial is for introductory chemistry students. Learn the five easy steps to assigning oxidation numbers to atoms in chemical formulae. Also, I will give you some problems that teachers love to give on tests because they are "tricky".
Views 1452 | Rating 12 | Comments 2| Date Aug 15, 2007

Synthesizing Pyrophoric Iron (iron that spontaneously ignites)

This tutorial will show you make pyrophoric iron from household chemicals. When this finely-divided form of iron is exposed to air, it spontaneously ignites.
Views 5781 | Rating 7 | Comments 1| Date Aug 14, 2007