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How to Fix a Garden Tiller

A step-by-step guide to help you fix your garden tiller
Views 711 | Rating -4 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

How to build a DVD cabinet

When making your own DVD cabinets it is important to measure the size correctly in order to have the right amount of space, and the right number of shelves, to house your entire collection in a solid and secure wooden frame.
Views 890 | Rating -1 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

Comparing a Tankless Hot Water Heater to the Tank-type

Did you know that hot water heaters come in two types: Tank-type and tankless? The tank-type may be the cheapest option in the short term, but a tankless hot water heater can save you money in the long run. It is an option worth considering.
Views 499 | Rating 1 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

How To Make Quilted Oven Gloves

These quilted oven gloves are a welcome addition to any kitchen and very useful as a practical gift to a friend or hostess.
Views 749 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

How to fix a garbage disposal and save money...

Try these tips before calling a plumber to fix your garbage disposal. You may save yourself money for a service call.
Views 742 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date May 22, 2010

How To Display Your Heirloom Quilt

Heirloom quilts make lovely displays, but it's important to display the quilt properly to avoid damaging the delicate vintage fabric.
Views 791 | Rating 6 | Comments 0| Date Aug 20, 2008

How To Get the Best Bargain When Buying Secondhand Merchandise

When buying secondhand goods, get the best bargain by following these simple tips.
Views 601 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Aug 16, 2008

The Green Person's Guide ~ How To Clean Pet Feaces, Yucky Spills, And Other Mucky Things.

There are so many safe and efficient cleaning agents around the home which are suitable for cleaning even the most yucky spills. In this article we'll see that often the best treatments for the worst muck, is a good old-fashioned scrub with agents found...
Views 2229 | Rating 4 | Comments 0| Date May 10, 2008

How To Hang Laundry On a Clothesline So It's Soft and Fluffy

Hanging laundry is an environmentally-friendly was to dry your family's clothing and linens. Using the right technique to hang laundry will give you soft, fluffy laundry that smells fresh and wonderful!
Views 1408 | Rating 31 | Comments 0| Date Jun 6, 2008

Cleaning Your Home Professionally

Cleaning the Maids, Inc. way as used in their training progam
Views 636 | Rating 4 | Comments 0| Date Apr 30, 2008

How to Decorate on a Budget of $20 or Less Per Room

Post- Thrift Store style doesn't have to be shabby if you follow these great tips and tricks for making any room in your apartment or house look nice!
Views 592 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Apr 24, 2008

How to Make Chicken Parmesan with Fresh Pomodoro Sauce

Learn how to make delicious chicken parmesan with a light pomodoro sauce using only fresh ingredients. This recipe will provide specific instructions to a savory meal. If you are looking to prepare a quick dinner, this recipe probably is not for you since it...
Views 680 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Apr 24, 2008

How to Easily Grow Beautiful Hydrangea Flowers

On the hottest days of summer think about staying cool in your beautiful garden filled with a fluffy hedge of hydrangeas in your backyard.
Views 846 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Apr 24, 2008

Double-Decker Drum Composter

Make a double spinning composter from 55 gallon drums!
Views 2201 | Rating 347 | Comments 10| Date Apr 5, 2008

Make an all purpose organic pesticide from vegetables

Use easy-to-find ingredients to make an environmentally friendly pesticide!
Views 1777 | Rating 13 | Comments 1| Date Mar 26, 2008