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Google Picasa Basics

Google's Picasa program will help you organize, edit, and share your digital photographs -- and it's FREE! This tutorial walks you through the basics of importing and organizing pictures in Picasa. Look for my other Picasa-related tutorials.
Views 1850 | Rating 8 | Comments 0| Date Apr 27, 2008

Flawless Skin in Photoshop CS3

Create perfect flawless skin with this quick Photoshop tutorial. Enhance skin tone, remove blemishes, remove freckles, add contouring for a more defined bone structure!
Views 2182 | Rating 2 | Comments 1| Date Nov 11, 2008


How to turn any photo into a 2 color one.
Views 919 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date May 13, 2008

Using Picasa to Share Your Photographs

Google’s Picasa offers a number of ways to share photos, all of which are tightly integrated with other Google-owned products. This tutorial will walk you through sharing your photographs using Picasa.
Views 1300 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date Apr 27, 2008

Using Picasa to Solve Simple Photo Problems

This tutorial covers how to use Picasa to fix a few of the most common problems with digital photographs: red eye, color correction, contrast, leveling, and cropping. I'll also show you how to create a quick collage!
Views 1209 | Rating 3 | Comments 1| Date Apr 27, 2008

GIMP help, How to move red eyes?

How do use GIMP? How do you get the red eyes away?
Views 798 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Apr 20, 2008