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How to Rent a Cheal Rental Car

Do you want to rent a cheap rental car, or rent a car for cheap? Do you want to paying a lot less than $40 a day for a decent rental car when out of town on vacation. I have always been skeptical of web sites such as Priceline and Hotwire, however after a...
Views 1466 | Rating 7 | Comments 1| Date Jan 9, 2008

How to do a "Top End Rebuild" on a 2-stroke motor.

A step by step instruction/pictorial on how to change out a piston/rings etc on a 2 stroke motor.
Views 26164 | Rating 428 | Comments 44| Date Aug 7, 2007

Flush The Cooling System On Your Car or Truck

Your cooling system should be flushed every other year. No, I'm not crazy, but with all the new chemicals they use today, it will literally eat up the rubber hoses and deteriorate the heater core, and the radiator core.
Views 834 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

Do You Have Any Black Pepper For My Radiator?

Awhile back I had a woman traveling through to stop at the shop. Her radiator, the one in her car, had a leak. It was a small leak but she had lost a lot of water, in the car radiator.
Views 903 | Rating 0 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

Car won't crank troubleshooting

If you have a vehicle that won't crank, read below and find out how to get your vehicle back on the road.
Views 915 | Rating -1 | Comments 0| Date Jan 3, 2012

CV Axle Replacement

After many years of replacing CV axles and joints, I've decided to share my knowledge with others. This article will take you step by step through the process. No photos are needed because of the detailed explanations.
Views 877 | Rating 2 | Comments 0| Date Apr 9, 2009

How Much Will It Cost to Maintain Your Next Car?

This article discusses what maintenance costs you can expect during the life your next new or used car.
Views 983 | Rating 17 | Comments 3| Date Jan 27, 2009

Basic Tutorial for Modeling a Car in 3ds Max for Beginners

This tutorial will take you on a step by step easy modeling, to create the car you had always desired to model and pimp.
Views 5949 | Rating -42 | Comments 20| Date Feb 23, 2009

How to make your car last longer

According to insurance statistics, neglect of proper routine maintenance is the number one reason for the enormous increase in car repairs being required. With automobiles as your primary source of transportation, taking care of your car makes good sense. By...
Views 1437 | Rating 16 | Comments 1| Date Mar 24, 2008

How to slide the tandem axles on a semi truck

The positions of the axles are important for a professional truck driver to understand if he or she wants to safely and legally haul a load. Many semi trucks have sliding tandem axles that are mounted directly on the frame rails under the trailer. When the...
Views 1761 | Rating 6 | Comments 1| Date Feb 23, 2008

How to steer a semi truck in an emergency

The best way to handle an emergency is to avoid it in the first place, most happen when drivers make mistakes. Professional semi truck drivers reduce the chance of accidents by learning to recognize possible emergencies and to practice defensive driving...
Views 1300 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date Feb 23, 2008

How to stop a semi truck in an emergency

To avoid a collision in an emergency situation, if evasive steering isn’t possible then braking becomes the only option left. In general, it’s usually safer to make a quick stop than an evasive turn if there’s enough room to do so. Even if the semi...
Views 1603 | Rating 10 | Comments 0| Date Feb 20, 2008

How to get out of a traffic ticket

The keys to getting out of a traffic ticket are to remain calm, make the cop feel secure and to be sincere.
Views 1293 | Rating 3 | Comments 0| Date Jan 6, 2008

How to Install an AEM Brute Force Intake on a Nissan Titan

This tutorial will explain the process of installing an AEM Brute Force intake system on a Nissan Titan.
Views 1297 | Rating 8 | Comments 0| Date Jan 4, 2008

Spray Painting Auto Body Parts

So you just went to the body shop...and found out that it'll cost you a ton of money to get your lip kit painted. And you definitely don't want to be one of those guys driving around with unpainted body here is a cheap alternative
Views 3621 | Rating 16 | Comments 0| Date Aug 8, 2007